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This is a small coworking of 100m2 designed for 10-12 people with its meeting room, kitchen and bathroom with shower.

We focused on the topic of rethinking natural and artificial lighting in the workspace.

We cleaned the main hall of the partitions and placed a light-transparent structure made of wood, aluminum and glass in the center, inside which there is a kitchen and a meeting room.

Walls of construction are glass shelves for documents and books.

So we filled the whole space with natural light as much as possible.

Work tables are arranged more or less evenly along the wall with windows (the light will not dazzle and interfere with work, since the windows are oriented north and into the courtyard).

Our goal was to create a coworking that looked like a library, not an office, to transform the space into a more psychologically comfortable place to work.

During the day, natural light is the priority, table lamps in the evening (warm light), the meeting area with cool shades of furniture is highlighted with neutral white light .

As part of this project a system was developed - a furniture designer, which made it possible to create a functionally complex space with the possibility of assembly, disassembly, and quick installation at the facility. In the future we plan to create a furniture designer based on it and are looking for partners for this project.

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